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We have a lot going on this term! In addition to our regular Battle Practice and our Thursday evening meetings, we've outdoor kitmaking and social events plus a public display at the end of term and a week of living history at the Danelaw Viking village.

Regular meetings

We meet every Thursday evening on Zoom. Meetings feature a range of historically-based activities including crafts, plays, games and external speakers.

If you'd like to attend any meeting, please get in touch and we'll send you the Zoom link.

Battle Practice

Battle Practice will take place in groups of up to six people, on Sunday and Monday afternoons - times will be arranged to suit the participants. Contact us to book a session. No prior experience is needed, and we provide all the equipment.

Craft projects

This term, the focus is making costume for our public display at Reading Abbey and our trip to Murton Park, but you can also make a personal banner.

Social events

Binsey pilgrimage: Saturday 1 May, meet 2pm outside Christchurch College gates. Walk from Oxford up the Thames to the holy well associated with our own Saint Frithuswith, and stop in at the Perch Inn on the way back (the garden is open for food and drink).

Kitmaking at Rumwoldstow (25 minutes from Oxford by train): Saturdays tbc. Groups of up to 6 people meeting to:

  • make costume
  • carve spoons
  • learn tablet weaving
  • cook authentic food on a fire

Beltane fire: Saturday 22nd May, in the Kidneys Nature Reserve, Oxford. COVID restrictions permitting, this will be our first all-society event of the year. Fire, stories, songs and merriment deep in the woods (half an hour walk from Oxford city centre).

Evesham market: Sunday 23rd May, re-enactors market easily reached from Oxford by train. Your chance to buy fabric, mead, swords and more!

Thursday evening "Kitmaking plus": 7:30pm - 10:30pm

The first half of the meeting will include a talk or activity, plus society business, crafts, film club, Anglo-Saxon riddles and Song of the Week. Event details will be filled in soon.

After about 9pm we will play our Wychwood Chronicles historic roleplaying game, or else a board game.

Week 1: Thursday 29th April 7:30pm
Hauskby report - photos and tales from our trip to the Danelaw Village in April.
Film discussion - The Dig (Netflix)
Welcome the new committee!

Week 2: Thursday 6th May 7:30pm
Guest speaker: Peter Bone
Helmets of the Early Mediaeval Period

Week 3: Thursday 13th May 7:30pm
What Do We Know About Trousers? By Harry. Archaeological evidence and discussion.

Week 4: Thursday 20th May 7:30pm

Week 5: Thursday 27th May 7:30pm

Week 6: Thursday 3rd June 7:30pm
Guest speaker: Alastair Newing
The Building of Saxondale Hall
A personal account by one of the volunteers who built the Anglo-Saxon hall at the Avalon Marshes centre.

Week 7: Thursday 10th June 7:30pm
Guest speaker: Caitlin Greenwood
Dairy production and lipid analysis in late Roman Britain

Week 8: Thursday 17th June 7:30pm

Reading Abbey Show

Saturday 19th June, 11am - 5pm: public display as part of the Reading Abbey Anniversary and Waterfest

Summer Hauksby

Monday 28th June - Friday 2nd July: a week of crafts and living history in a reconstructed Viking village at Murton Park, near York.

Old termcards from Trinity 2008 onwards can be viewed by clicking on 'History' below. Termcards from Michaelmas 1999 to Trinity 2007 are archived here.

2022 Events

Spring Hauksby
7th - 12th April 2022: our big trip to live for four full days in the Viking village in Murton Park, the Yorkshire Museum of Farming. We'll do crafts and living history for the public during the day, and live the life with mead and merriment in the evenings.

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