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Contact us
Message our Facebook page, or email the society at ku.ca.xo.sbulctneduts|yteicos.doowhcyw#ku.ca.xo.sbulctneduts|yteicos.doowhcyw.

You can join our mailing list by sending an email to:

wychwood-warriors-subscribe at maillist.ox.ac.uk

As the plague continues to rampage across our lands, our meetings will remain online using Zoom. There will be lots of things you can join in with including crafts, games and plays. We hold regular meetings on Sunday afternoon and Thursday evening; the Thursday evening is the main event with a range of talks and activities.

If you'd like to attend any meeting, please get in touch and we'll send you the Zoom link.

Battle Practice
Anybody in Oxford can continue to train one-on-one in accordance with government guidelines. Contact us to book a session. No prior experience needed, and we provide all the equipment.

Craft projects
This term we plan to make hoods and banners. Get in touch for details of the materials you'll need and help in sourcing them.

Regular meeting details

Sunday afternoon tea-time chit chat: 4pm - 5pm
Informal social for talking about anything vaguely Wychwoody and optionally playing board-games.

Thursday evening "Kitmaking plus": 7:30pm - 10:30pm
The first half of the meeting will include a talk or activity, plus society business, film club, Anglo-Saxon riddles and Song of the Week.

After about 9pm we will play our Wychwood Chronicles historic roleplaying game, or else a board game.

Week 1: Thursday 21st Jan 7:30pm
Guest speaker Peter Bone
Migration Period swords 5th-8th century

Week 2: Thursday 28th Jan 7:30pm
Leatherworking demo - how to make a simple knife sheath

Week 3: Thursday 4th Feb 7:30pm
Guest speaker Dr Freya Harrison
Workshop - how to make and use a quill pen

You will need:
- A goose or duck wing feather, about 20cm or longer. When you pick it up in your writing hand like a pen, it should curve towards your body not away.
- Sharp knife, e.g. craft knife
- Paper
- Ink or watered paint (e.g. acrylic)

If you want to look ahead for the quill method, this is a super guide (with bonus cats): https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1103968226835337217.html

Week 4: Thursday 11th Feb 7:30pm
Dramatic reading of an original play based on Norse Myth - rehearsal to be scheduled nearer the time.

Week 5: Thursday 18th Feb 7:30pm
Guest speaker Dr Freya Harrison
Anglo-Saxon medicine (leechcraft)

Week 6: Thursday 25th Feb 7:30pm
Guest speaker Katie Hambrook
Anglo-Saxon placenames

Week 7: Thursday 4th March 7:30pm
Dramatic reading of an original play based on Norse Myth - rehearsal to be scheduled nearer the time.

Week 8: Thursday 11th March 7:30pm
Guest speaker Peter Bone
Viking Age swords 9th-11th century

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