This contains the basic page template, plus examples of how to include images, lists and links. You can copy and paste the Wiki code from this template to help you start a new page. This will keep a consistent style across pages.

Here's some introductory blurb at the top of the page. It doesn't always need a heading, but you might like to use one.

Section Heading: section 1

You might not always want to divide into sections - for short pages, just paragraph headings will do.

Paragraph heading: paragraph 1

Here's the first paragraph.

Paragraph heading: paragraph 2

And the second paragraph. Blah blah blah.

Section Heading: section 2


Second section already- isn't editing fun! (To adapt the Song Song, and look at that nice internal link to the Song Song). The image above is hosted on another site, and is aligned to the right with the text "floating" around it by use of the letter f and the angle bracket > Using < would left-align it.

  • And here comes a list
  • it's bulleted
  • and pretty!
    • here's how you indent the list
      • woo-oo-oo-oo! Woo-oo-oo-oo!

Paragraph heading: paragraph 1

Here's the first paragraph. I'm going to put a link to Google here. The link text is not bold.

Paragraph heading: paragraph 2

And the second. The image below is attached to this page. The filename contains NO SPACES and the = makes it centered. It is also made "small"

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