Songbook: Can We Go?

When we're camping in Wales
It's always up a mountain
And it's pissing down with rain
And our tent leaks like a fountain
I will go, I will go

I will go, I will go
When the drinking is over
I'll go back to my tent
And I'll stay there 'til I'm sober
I will go, I will go

I've got rust pits on my sword
And moth holes in my tunic
When I take a killing blow
I can swear in fluent runic
I will go, I will go


I've a horn in my hand
And it is full of ale
And it's dripping down my front
And it's rusting up my maille
I will go, I wiil go

Can we go, can we go
Now the muster is over?
We'll go back to our tents
And we'll stay there 'til we're sober
Can we go, can we go?

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