Songbook: Three Knights / The Scarlet Cross

Three knights went sailing across the wide sea
For the glory of Our Saviour who hung on the tree
But one fell at Gaza, by a Saracen slain
And two knights sailed onwards across the salt main

Two knights went onwards all through the dark wood
For the Glory of Our Lady and of the Holy Rood
But one was a false knight and left the true way
And they laid his white mantle under six feet of clay

One knight alone wandered the green fields of France
For the glory of a golden head and the point of his lance
But they took him and tried him with fire and with pain
And the brave knight of the scarlet cross shall never ride again

O some men walk humbly and pray to Our Lord
Some men ride to battle with shield and with sword
And these all gain wisdom and honour and gold
But the brave knight of the scarlet cross lies lonely and cold

by Rachel Kellett

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