Gathering of the Moon

Created at Hillary 2023 fire.

In the depths of the woods we gather
With bones both young and old
We appreciate the kindling fire
Protection from the cold

As the heat begins to build
Like a flammable typhoon
We look up at the sky
Searching for the shining moon

Where? Where? Where is the moon?

The discussion is growing lively
As more keep chiming in
Two kidneys aren't enough
As the hunger starts to set in

But pizza's nowhere near us
I haven't ate since noon
So I gaze up at the sky
Wishing I could eat the moon


We finally got our pizza
The gorging shall begin
This is the essence of the fire
Committing deadly sin

But somewhere by the roadside
Like a scavenging raccoon
A man appears and asks about
The gathering of the moon


The dank of the mist surrounds us
Concealing the moon from sight
But that doesn't mean that none of us
Are horny from the firelight

A dog barks from the shadows
We think that it's a loon
But it's just someone who thinks that we're
The gathering of the moon


Many sirens blare in the distance
But they'll never kill our songs
We sing as if we're dressed in nothing
But our briefs and thongs

As long as there's no lyre
We'll rave until it's noon
At which point it'd be daytime
And we'd never see the moon


Now the fire is down to embers
Our numbers are running low
Somebody thought this song was stupid
So I told them they should go

And when they left the clearing
The haze departed soon
And in the sky with silver light
We saw the full and shining moon


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