Songbook: In the Forest

A young girl, I wandered through the forest at night,
Guided through the trees by the moon's gentle light.
There was calm all around me, no need for any fears,
But my heart was heavy with sorrow and tears.

For there in my sight our fire burns strong
As our villagers celebrate with mead and with song.
Joyfully they tell of times past and to come
And the strength of our friendship unites us as one.

Yet as the moon shines down on me from above
I know that one day we may lose those we love.
For soon our men will leave us once summoned to fight,
And our village will become as cold as the night.

Who knows if I'll e'er see my true love again?
Will he ever return or will he die with other men?
Defending our country, proud warriors are they,
Please return safe and well to our village, I pray.

But as I go forth to rejoin our joyous feast
I know I need not worry for this moment at least.
Please God, protect us by the power of Your hand
And keep our men safe with us in this Saxon land.

by Lucinda Walker

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