Songbook: Fire Song

A fine creation from Easter Hauksby 2021, read at your own peril.

You like it when I spank you
There's no need for a thank you
You've earned the highest rank you are a fire

Your sexiness is flouted
With agency undoubted
Consent need not be shouted with a fire

You like it when I stroke you
And also when I poke you
And even when I choke you you're a fire

I really love to beat you
But nothing will defeat you
Your tendrils lick my meat you are a fire

You're a fire
You're a fire
You're a fire and I am pleased because

My tip is really smoking
It must be from the poking
For that which I am stoking is a fire

Regardless of the weather
We grind our wood together
Like dildos made of leather in a fire

You like my penetration
You pop at the sensation
You don't deal with menstruation you're a fire

With every thrust I'm learning
Your wood is what I'm yearning
My bulging pants are burning from the fire


You take it in the ember
My skinny wooden member
And even in December you're a fire

You like my stick erection
It comes from both directions
There's no need for correction you're a fire

The logs are getting pasty
Your piss is pretty tasty
You shouldn't be so hasty you're a fire

The evening's end is coming
Our rubbing wood is humming
The ecstasy is numbing you're a fire


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