Songbook Cloaks In The Dark

Cloaks in the dark, lit in the pale moonlight
Through leaves and bark, here to give you a fright
But what do they seek, as the people round them shriek
Cloaks in the dark, wandering through the night

They come shambling in their crowds
Over mountains, out from the clouds
Tight is the weave, and strong is the mantle
Those ominous shrouds, in their crowds

Cloaks in your dreams, circling round your mind
Not as it seems, now to your soul they bind
Wake in a cold sweat, but they're not around you yet
Cloaks in your dreams, eventually you they will find


Cloaks in the cold, finding a neck to grasp
A sight to behold, stifling muted gasps
From high they descend, to meet life's bitter end
Cloaks in the cold, fitted with cast iron clasp


Cloaks on your skin, pulling the thread of your life
You cannot win, spun from the loom of strife
Before you have time to check, they tighten round your neck
Cloaks on your skin, throat with wool is rife


Cloaks in the dark, keeping you warm tonight

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