Songbook: Breathalysed

To be sung to the tune of 'Yesterday' by The Beatles

Words: Fred Wedlock

Crystals turning green before my eyes
I turn pale as I realise
That I have just been breathalysed.

There's a copper standing over me
I'd like to deck him but he's six foot three
And I would like to stay alive.

I did something wrong
And I knew it was a beaut,
When he pulled me in
And I parked upon his foot- so gently.

I was sick,
When they got me down the local nick
I've never seen a copper move so quick
But not as quick as I was sick.

They said "We want your blood
For to test for alcohol"
"Go away," I said
"You'll get nothing dracula-a-a-a."

Three hundred milligrams per hundred mil
Now they tell me I'm a mobile still
And I shall soon be penalised.

All my troubles seemed so far away
Now I'd take back those rude things I say
O big red bus, please come my way.

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