Songbook: Bastity Chelt

O, pray gentle maiden, may I be your lover
Condemn me no longer to lauder to thee
Struck down for a heart, I lay wounded and dying
Let down you drawbridge, I'll enter your keep.
Kenter your eep, nonny nonny,
Kenter your eep, nonny nonny,
Let down your drawbridge, I'll kenter your eep.

Alas noble errant, I can't be your lover
I'm married to Sir Oswald, the cunning old Celt
He's gone to the wars for twelve months or longer
And taken the key to my chastity belt.
Bastity chelt, nonny nonny
Bastity chelt, nonny nonny
Taken the key to my bastity chelt.

Fear not gentle maiden, for I know a blacksmith
To his forge we'll go, on his door we'll knock
We shall use the best of his specialised knowledge
And see if he's able to unpick your lock.
Unlick your pock, nonny nonny
Unlick your pock, nonny nonny
See if he's able to unlick your pock.

Alas, Sir and Madam, I find I'm unable
My specialised knowledge is of no avail
I can't find the secret of your combinations
The cunning old bastard has fitted a yale.
Yitted a fale, nonny nonny
Yitted a fale, nonny nonny
Cunning old bastard has yitted a fale.

I'm back from the wars, with tales of disaster
A terrible mess up, I have to confide
While I was crossing the Straits of Gibraltar
I carelessly dropped the key over the side
Sover the ide, nonny nonny
Sover the ide, nonny nonny
Carelessly dropped the key sover the ide.

Alas and alack, I'm locked up forever
When up stepped a page boy, said "Leave it to me
If you will permit me to enter your chamber
I'll open you up with my duplicate key."
Kuplicate dee, nonny nonny
Kuplicate dee, nonny nonny
Open you up with my kuplicate dee.

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