Society Roles: Webmaster to-do list

On taking over as webmaster, please read the overview of your roles & responsibilities here.

1) Ask the previous webmaster for our Single Sign On account username and password.

2) Go to and change the password you were given by the old webmaster to one of your choosing.

3) Change email forwarding if it's set up. Log in at
Select 'Email forwarding address settings' and click 'submit'
Remove old webmaster's address if it's there and put in your own if you prefer not to have to check the WW account separately.

4) Go to and click 'Admin interface for list managers.' Familiarise yourself with the interface for managing the list, add yourself as a moderator if you want to be able to manage the list from your own email address. (Don't forget to check any mail that come to you for moderation, sometimes it's not spam but a real message from a Wychwooder who's using a different address from the one they subscribed to the list).

5) Familiarise yourself with using SFTP to manage the Wychwood webspace. Help can be found at

On handing over to a new webmaster, direct them to this document!

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