Society: Roles & Responsibilities of society officials

The committee (president, secretary and treasurer) are responsible for organising events, constructing a term card and overseeing the change of bank details to the incoming committee each year.
Two out of the three committee members are required for a decision, such as purchasing items for Wychwood. Similarly, two committee members are required to sign any cheque on behalf of Wychwood. The chequebook is normally with the treasurer.
The new committee is appointed by the outgoing one at the end of trinity term. Appointed members may refuse only if they have a good reason to do so.


The president is responsible for organising Freshers Fair at the beginning of Michaelmas and for organising and coordinating the societies activities. With the secretary, the president deals with enquiries.


The secretary gets all the odds and ends that the president doesn't want to do. They also get a lot of enquiring emails about shows, hiring equipment for plays, hiring Wychwood for school shows, museum shows etc, which have to be organised. They are in charge of organising mystery and market trips, helping the Mistress of Revels in organising feasts, fires and other socials. They deal with membership forms. Every term the secretary has to re-register Wychwood with the Proctors, in order for Wychwood to remain an OU club. The secretary also helps organise Battle Practise and Kit Making times and venues, and will liase with the President and other members of the club to organise training over the course of the year and ensure that members are trained safely to battle standard.


The treasurer is responsible for settling all debts owed to or by Wychwood, and for maintaining an accurate accounts book. The treasurer must provide copies of accounts when asked by the University Clubs Committee or the secretary. At the start of each term, the previous term's accounts must be copied, signed by the treasurer and sent to Bob Barnes at the Clubs Committee. It is also advisable to attach the latest bank statement - The Clubs Committee also has a value for the Wychwood account balance and there have been discrepancies in the past. A bank statement will therefore provide proof that the balance of the treasurer's accounts is correct in order to avoid confusion and unnecessary annoyance.
It is also the treasurer's responsibility to keep bank statements and receipts in the treasurer's file in order to be able to provide proof of purchases and payments, where necessary.


The webmaster is not a member of the committee, but is a society official. The webmaster should have a good working knowledge of HTML, SHTML and WikiText. The webmaster's duties include:

Maintaining the website at
Posting and updating termcards when details have been received from committee.
Passing on enquiries received via the WW email account to the committee.
Administering the mailing list.
Keeping an eye on the YouTube account.
Moderating this Wiki & the forum (and nominating mods where necessary).
Making backups of the website and wiki with such regularity as is appropriate.

To make the handover to a new webmaster run smoothly, please see this to-do list.

Mistress of Revels

The Mistress is responsible for entertainments such as the feast. The Mistres is also responsible for renting questionable DVDs and making sure there is always a copy of The Princess Bride available for video nights. A good Mistress has numerous skills, such as persuasion, delegation and the ability to prod Wychwood into any available kitchen to manufacture hearty stews.


The Quartermaster is responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the society's equipment and the first aid kit.

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