Society Admin: Public Liability Insurance

What Is PLI?

Public Liability Insurance is a particular kind of insurance. It pays out in the event of a member injuring a third party. A Third party is a member of the public, in fact pretty much anyone who is not a member.

What PLI Is Not.

PLI is does not pay out if any of this happens:
Member injures member
Member injures self
Member gets injured by a third party
Member gets injured by accident
Member loses property
Society loses property.
In short, if you’re struck by lightening, mugged, shot, hit yourself in the head with your sword, trip over a guy rope and break your legs, run into a tree or someone else in wychwood or another society breaks your fingers fighting, you’re not covered
However, if your sword breaks and the pale impales a MOP, then they can sue the society and get a pay out on PLI insurance… assuming we have any…

Does Wychwood Have PLI?

In short, yes. The University Insurance covers all bona fide activities of University Societies. This is Very Good.

Why Does it Matter?

Realistically, PLI does not protect members or the society from the financial impact of litigation. Only an idiot would litigate against an uninsured private individual or a small society for Personal Injury.
What PLI really does, is allows us to go to events. It is a legal requirement that performs at public performances have Public Liability Insurance. Some events take out a policy that covers us anyway, other events require proof that we have PLI. If wychwood wishes to go to an event which asks for Proof of PLI, the committee must write the university insurance bods (email||seyah.eidnyl) and get it. In 2007 the committee found them to be very helpful.

That is pretty much all there is to it.

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