Kit: Shoes

Shoes have a reputation as being the most difficult piece of kit to make.

Shoe Design

There are lots of different styles of shoes.


We are hoping to put up our own guidelines to making shoes soon. In the meantime, these webpages offer good advice:

Buying Shoes

Shoes are the item that most people give up making and instead just buy. In general there are two types of shoes to buy: hand-stitched or machine-stitched. Obviously hand-stitched would be better, but machine-stitched are much cheaper and perfectly adequate for our purposes…


  • Viking Crafts offer hand-stitched shoes and boots, made to order. Bunni has their boots.
  • Ana Period Shoes - Dark Age Footwear has a wonderful selection of hand-stitched turnshoes, plus a cheaper machine-stitched shoe. Several members of Wychwood got shoes from Ana at Hastings.
  • NP Historical Shoes 9-11th Century have some hand-stitched turnshoes two of them based on Jorvik finds.
  • Time Warrior sell a selection of shoes and boots, most with a hard sole. Apparently they are made by a professional cobbler. Freya has their three-toggle ankle boots.

In addition, the following also sell period suitable shoes: Shoes and Shields, Kevin Garlick and Jelling Dragon

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