Kit: Nalbinding
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Nalbinding is a technique similar in some ways to knitting or crochet. It was used by the Vikings for making socks, and could also be used for hats and mittens.

Shelagh Lewins has a very good page devoted to nalbinding, and is also a member of Wychwood. So can answer any questions you may have.

In the absence of a real live Shelagh on hand to demonstrate, there are lots of nalbinding resources on the web. Some of the clearest instructions are listed below.

  • YouTube user pittyommen has some clear videos demonstrating a range of stitches.
  • Krista Vajanto's nalbinding videos (DivX and WMV) are very helpful. Her commentary is in Finnish but you shouldn't really need to understand it as the video footage is so clear.
  • An SCA member called Phiala has some excellent step-by-step 'getting started' instructions here.
  • This one-page PDF is also useful for beginning nalbinding.
  • Bernhard Dankbar has a great website with lots of basic info, projects and photos of his own work.
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