Kit: Bracers
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Bracers are very useful for giving you protection in battle.

The basic form of arm protection is a bracer. This is a tube of boiled leather (around 4mm thick) which laces tightly onto your forearm with a thong. It should start at your wrist, preferably so your glove overlaps it, and extend to cover the outside of your elbow. Gluing sheepskin inside your bracer will aid shock absorption and fit. Some Wychwooders choose to wear a single bracer on their sword arm, as the offhand is somewhat less exposed to hits and is often protected by a shield.


We have very little evidence for bracers. As such for shows, your bracer should be worn *under* your overtunic so it doesn't show.
'Armour in Byzantium in the early years of the Varangian Guard, with special reference to limb defenses' by Peter Beatson discusses the evidence we have for limb defenses, including the pre-Viking Valsgärde finds and some Russian finds from our era. But even that article concludes it'd be best to wear arm armour under your tunics.


We are hoping to put up our own guidelines to making leather armour soon. In the meantime, these webpages offer good advice:

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