Kit: Bling

Hopefully, one day this page will include information on what bling is authentic, how to make bling, and where to buy bling.


Authentic Bling

The Vikings wore lots of types of bling! Some of it was both functional and decorative, like brooches to hold cloaks together & dresses up or all the belt fittings, whilst other bling was more decorative like necklaces, arm-rings and finger-rings. However even this stuff that seems decorative to us today may have been important socially- to show someone's social status, religious beliefs or to act as a conveniant portable money supply. There's a wide variety of Viking bling, and writing about it is a big task that we haven't got around to yet. Fortunately, the SCA's Shire of Castlemere have, and they have produced this pdf. Additionally, this article from British Archaeology has some interesting notes on finds of Viking women's jewellery in England and its potential use by Anglo-Saxon women.

Buying Bling


Check out the list of Vendors to see some of the main re-enactment jewellery suppliers. You should also go to a re-enactment market, they're ace for buying shiny stuff.

Making Bling

These links include sites for making modern jewellery making as well as authentic replicas. A lot of the techniques described in modern guides will be useful but if you want to be authentic, check historical sources first.

Ideas and instructions


Wire work


Engraving and decoration

Where to buy materials

  • sell precious and non-precious metal wire at reasonable prices
  • Full Moon's Cauldron sells precious metal clays if you want to make authentic-looking pieces using thoroughly 21st Century technology
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