Kit: Bags

So, you have all of your lovely shiny authenti-items (bowl, spoon, cup, nalbinding-in-progress etc.) and now you need something to carry them around in. Not to mention somewhere safe to stash your mobile phone and contact lenses… Small items will fit in your pouch, but for larger items you'll need a bag of some kind. At this stage, we can offer you five options:

  • Up-scale a simple fabric pouch design to produce a draw-string bag. Cut a circular piece for the base and sew a continuous rectangle around it for the sides.
  • A basket. As long as you don't choose a square basket, then any reed or rush basket will be fine.
  • A leather or linen shoulder bag, like the one in the picture above. These are very easy to make: the bottom and strap can be made from a single long strip of material, the front from a second and the back and flap from a third.
  • The Gokstad 'backpack:' this is an oval cross-sectioned tube of leather or woven birch bark, attached to a thin wooden base and with a wooden lid and shoulder straps attached. More details may be found on this website
  • A basket with shoulder straps attached. This is listed last because to the best of our knowledge the earliest record of them is from later mediaeval manuscripts (13th C. onwards) but they should not look out of place for dark age living history.


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