Please add what you have to this list, and come and update it if you take anything from another Wychwooder. The last inventory made prior to this one is here.

Decorated hand axe (Freya)
Top-hafted hand axe - needs re-making (Freya)
3 kiln-dried ash poles (Freya)
3 spear heads (Freya)

Shields & Armour
Green & black buckler (Freya)
New green buckler - needs boss (Freya)
Display leather-covered round shield (Freya)

Soft Kit
Assorted fabric (Freya)

Feasting & Fire Equipment
Assorted cutlery, plastic bowls (Freya)

Books etc.
Anglo-Saxon England & the Norman Conquest (Freya)
Industrial Arts of the Anglo Saxons (Freya)
Dark Age remains in Britain (Freya)
Costume guide by S Chadwick (Freya)
WW Handbook (Freya)
Assorted copies of Call to Arms etc (Freya)
Walks in Wychwood booklet (Freya)
Vikings Shield booklet (Freya)
Vikings natural dyes booklet (Freya)
WW songbook (Freya)
Anglo-saxon costume, arms and armour booklet (Freya)
The Yorkshire Preface to the Bayeux Tapestry (Freya)
The Forgotten Battle of 1066: Fulford (starring assorted Wychwooders) (Jon & Jeannine)

Authenti-tent (Freya)
Wychwood teddybear of doom (Freya)

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