How To Use the Wiki

So, you want to use the Wiki to give Wychwood all the contents of your brains, or to use the forum?


This is actually very easy. Here's a step by step guide:

Step 1: Join Wikidot

Yep, first of all you need to join the main site. Do this by going to You'll need to choose a username. If it's something that makes it obvious who you are (like Manny or bunni or heid), this is a Good Thing as it avoids confusion.
But it isn't essential (like axebreaker). So don't worry if you do want to remain a shadowy, elusive creature.

Step 2: Join Wikiwood

Email wychwood.society AT, tell them who you are and what your username is, and ask for a password.
Then put the password into the box on the Join This Site page.

Step 3: Profits!

Now, you can use Wikiwood. If you just want to post on the Forum, go for it.

If you want to write something for the wiki, read on… For this hypothetical example, I'll assume you're making a page on making authentic gloves.
So, just put the name of the page into the little box in the side bar, and click "new page".
Please call the page "kit gloves". All the pages about kit are called "kit something", and this makes it much easier to keep track of pages.
Alternatively, call it "fighting something" or "songbook something" or "recipe something" or "events something". You get the idea.

In a separate window, look at the standard template. This shows you the basic layout of all our pages. To see the crazy wiki language underneath it, click on the word "edit" at the bottom of the page.
You can copy and paste code from the template into your new page, and change the words to make them about gloves.
If you're feeling really brave/geeky, here is a link to a page with all the wiki syntax on. Probably best to ignore that at first though.

Once you've finished writing about gloves, click the "save" box at the bottom of the page.

Then, go to Kit Resources, and add a link to your new page about gloves. This means that now people can find your page, and steal your tasty brain-knowledge. Hurrah!

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