Games: Tests of Strength

Arm Wrestling

You know how this one works.

Axe Pulling

Two warriors sit on the floor facing each other, legs stretched straight out with the soles of their feet touching. A dane axe is placed in their outstretched hands and they take the strain. When the gamesmaster gives the word, the warriors attempt to pull the axe towards themselves. The winner is the warrior who takes the axe from his opponent, usually toppling the loser over.

Axe Turning

Two warriors stand facing one another. An axe is placed horizontally between them and they each grip it with both hands. When the gamesmaster gives the signal, each warrior attempts to turn the axe shaft through 360 degrees, towards his opponent. The winner is the first warrior to complete a full rotation of the axe.


This game involves a small group of warriors and uses a largish, soft piece of hide. Each player takes hold of a corner of the skin in one hand; the second hand may be used to cover the first hand but must not touch the skin at any point. The objective is simple: make your opponents let go of the skin using fair means or foul! Wrestling, grappling, twisting, tripping etc are all allowed (tickling can also be effective). The winner is the last warrior holding the skin.


Two warriors stand facing one another and a long loop of rope is placed around both of their waists. The object is to trip your opponent - last man standing wins.

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