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August Hauksby 2023
Our most recent trip to Hauksby! Wonderful…despite the uncooperative weather…

BP Tournament, June 2023
A glorious spectacle of Javalin Throwing, Knife Fighting and the great prize of a duck. More photos also here.

Harwell, June 2023
Wychwood in the midst of exams and the heat going toe to toe with the Vike.

April Hauksby 2023
First one in some time that has occured on the Easter Weekend. Also the first Committee Photos of the Society it seems!

August Hauksby 2022
Many Whistles were made at this Hauksby.

Vikefest 2022
We made it for the Vikes 50th birthday! With a 500 person shieldwall fight of course. Our desperate fighting is remembered to this day.

April Hauksby 2022
Cold but as always wonderful!

Summer Hauksby 2021
Complete with Morgana Buckaroo!

April Hauksby 2021
Our return after Covid! Much spoon carving and even fighting. Also when a certain Fire Song was created…

April Hauksby 2021
Our return after Covid! Much spoon carving and even fighting. Also when a certain Fire Song was created…

Hauksby II, August 2009
A second trip to the Danelaw village at Murton Park. Photos on Picasaweb.

Battle of Camlann 2009
This is an old-school multigroup event at Tintagel in Cornwall, featuring both mediaeval and a dark age battles. Photos on Picasaweb.

St Briavels 2009
Facebook galleries here and here, plus one on Picasaweb.

Hauksby 2007 on FaceBook
Hauk uploaded a gallery showing the village (& village life) here and a gallery of portraits here.
Thorvald uploaded two galleries here and here.
Arinbjorn uploaded two galleries here and here.

Mystery Trip February 2003
Pictures from our Hilary 2003 Mystery Trip. I can't remember the places we went to, but it is supposed to be a mystery. Maybe not after the event though…

The Battle Of Hastings September 2000
In October 1066 William the Conqueror invaded England and defeated King Harold at Hastings. In October 2000 we took part in the largest recreation ever of this most famous battle in English history. This gallery contains 9 pictures.

Wychwood Trips Gallery
This gallery features pictures from some of our recent trips to the White Horse, Wales, Glastonbury, Avebury, the Jorvic Viking Festival in York and more. Among the many sights inside you will find the reality of voyaging to Vinland, the original hard disk, DIY á la 10th century and our very own Titanic survivor. This gallery contains 20 pictures.

Kirby Hall 2000 Gallery
Every event taking place in the year 2000 seems to be bigger and more magnificent than ever before, and this was certainly true for History in Action 2000 at Kirby Hall. As the Wychwood paparazzi took part in the Saxon and Norman battle this year we do not have enough pictures of the battle to fill a separate gallery. Instead we present to you a small part of the wonderful blend of re-enactment that was Kirby Hall 2000. This gallery contains 34 pictures.

Wychwood Holiday 1999 Gallery
Here you can find out all about our summer Holiday in 1999. The gallery has pictures of the Battle of Camlann in Tintagel as well as pictures taken at a variety of locations in Cornwall. There is also a picture of the total eclipse of the sun in August 1999. At the end of the holiday we also took part in History in Action at Kirby Hall, and we took so many pictures there that another two galleries were needed. This gallery contains 26 pictures.

Kirby Hall 1999 Gallery I
This Kirby Hall gallery has pictures of the Saxon and Norman battle. Despite being scripted to lose and facing overwhelming odds, we emerged the moral victors of the day. This gallery contains 9 pictures.

Kirby Hall 1999 Gallery II
The special thing about History in Action at Kirby Hall is that it is a multiperiod event featuring anything from Roman to World War II re-enactment. Only here can you find knights chatting up paratroopers and confederate officers bargaining with parliamentarian musketeers over the price of Rosie's melons. This gallery contains 31 pictures.

The famous rest. Anything that couldn't really be classified can be found in here. We offer no reason, explanation or apology for the contents of this gallery. This gallery contains 13 pictures.

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