Improving your strength

Strong arms muscles tire less easily, and improve your weapon control. While the way you hold and move your sword is important in determining which muscles you are using, you will find that a lot of the fighting we do calls on you to use muscles that don't get much day-to-day use. For example, you will find that at first your forearms will tire very easily. Below are some suggestions of exercises that can be used to improve muscle strength.

1) Mini-eights

Stand in right shoulder parry/'on guard' position. Hold sword out in front of you almost on the horizontal. Using your wrist and forearm, make mini attack movements for the usual eights pattern. Repeat, gradually building up speed, until you start to lose control.

2) Weights

If you're that way inclined, weight lifting can be fun. For building upper body and arm strengthh for fighting, good workouts include bench presses, bent over & upright rows, lateral lifts and anything else designed to work shoulder muscles and triceps. While we are happy to recommend gym usage, please be aware that this can eventually lead to the wearing of excessive lycra. Wychwood does not condone this.

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