Fighting Scripts: Wenching

For two people: one marauding Viking with sword, round shield and dagger and one wench with a Dane axe. The Viking should be capable of slinging the wench over his shoulder and carrying her a few steps.

A wench is doing something ladylike (spinning, lucetting etc). A Dane axe is lying somewhere near her. Suddenly, a marauding Viking approaches and observes to the crowd that the wench looks like a fine wife to take back to Denmark. He walks toward the wench and shouts "you're coming with me!" The wench grumbles "not again…" drops what she's doing, picks up the axe and faces the Viking.

Phase 1: Fight
The Viking is surprised, and draws his sword. They fight in a pre-arranged pattern of blows (left, right, high, low etc), mostly involving the axe hitting the Viking's shield. The Viking can put in occasional blows with the sword which the wench can block with the butt end of the axe. After a minute or so, the wench hooks away the Viking's shield and knocks his sword from his hand. However, the Viking quickly steps in and grabs the axe with both hands. They struggle over the axe and it is safely flung away.

Phase 2: Abduction & Escape
The Viking puts one arms around the wench's waist and slinger over his shoulder. He carries her off, with her shrieking and hitting his back. He should be side-on to the crowd at this point, as the wench pulls his dagger from the back of his belt and stabs him. He falls to his knees, letting the wench slide off his shoulder, and then slumps to the ground. The wench might stab him again, or kick him, before running away.

If the wench can't reach the dagger, or if it falls off during the preceding fight, she can put an arm around the Viking's neck and pretend to choke him. With practice, the wench should be able to do this fight safely without a helmet to make it look more realistic.

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