Fight Scripts: Two-Timer

For three people, one chap and two ladies.

Chap and Lady #1 are standing looking gooily into one another's eyes, holding hands and whispering sweet nothings. Lady #2 walks past, does a double-take on seeing the couple and runs towards them, screaming abuse to the effect that Chap is her boyfriend and philandering with Lady #1.

Phase 1: Tug-of-war
Ladies each hold on to one of Chap's arms and trade insults. As each Lady speaks, she should pull Chap towards her.

Phase 2: Fight
Lady #2 draws her sword and Lady #1 draws Chaps sword from his belt. Ladies trade blows to either side of Chap (pulling him out of the way of the weapons as they do so). Occasionally their weapons clash over the chap's head; in this case, the Ladies should pul the Chap's arms down as a signal to him to duck. Initially, Ladies insult one another (morals, dress sense, mothers etc) while fighting and Chap looks confused. Ladies then start to argue over whose boyfriend Chap is and when they started seeing him. They realise he's been two-timing them all along and break of fighting. Chap assumes a look of terror, and runs off, followed by Ladies brandishing swords.

Saftey notes
Chap must wear a helmet, even though he is a non-combatant. He should move when his arms are tugged, but ensure he keeps both feet firmly on the ground so as not to unbalance everyone. Likewise, the Ladies should not pull too hard on the Chap's arms. There should be a pre-arranged sequence of left/right/high attacks.

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