Fighting Scripts Maldon


A stream or gully obviously marked out with a single bridge or ford across it in easy sight of the crowd.

Special roles

  • Brynoth, Duke of East Anglia to be played by a mighty warrior with a daneaxe.
  • Viking leader


This battle was fought in 991 AD. Raiding Vikings were encamped on a tidal island in the Thames estuary (at Maldon). The East Anglian Fyrd had been gathered with Brynoths personal troops to see them off. The sides lined up on each side of the river and Brynoth stepped on to the ford to keep the Vikings there, (their ships had been captured or were otherwise unavailable), as the King had chosen not to act. Several Vikings come up to fight Brynoth, all are easily beaten by the warrior. The Viking leader, seeing he is an unbeatable (tbcont)

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