Fight Scripts: Bridal


Two 'village' areas, not needed for the actual combat side of the show, so two corners may suffice.

Special Roles

  • Bride
  • Bridegroom
  • Brides guards
  • Brides father (and mother if possible)
  • Raiders leader


The Bride is being escorted to her Grooms village by two trusted guards. Unfortunately a raiding party sees them and the leader orders them to capture her for himself. The guards are outnumbered and offer no serious resistance, but do get beaten up severely. Guards return to home village to report attack whilst raiders have fun with captive. Brides parents are outraged and beat up guards for being incompetent. Groom comes storming in demanding to know where his bride is, accuses Father of lying about engagement, is told true story and once again guards get beaten up (this aspect should be hammed up to a great level). Finally (with guards in front!) both villages combine to go and find raiders and the bride. Raiders are found and usual threats and insults swapped. Father challenges leader to battle of champions, is scorned for being an old man (if a non-com, this battle can take place with old man being beaten but not killed, merely humiliated). Groom steps forwards and challenges leader to a battle of equals, this is the real Battle of Champions, one is about to get killed but is saved by his men. Proceed on to main battle, where either side may win. Remember villagers main objective is to rescue bride, raiders must guard her or else she may attack them in the back.

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