Fight Scripts: About

In general

All these scripts will have to be modified depending upon your arena space available, kit, time and numbers as well as your style of show and any other such limits. Though designed for Dark Ages, most can easily be used for medieval of later scripts. Also some expansion will be necessary when actually describing the script to your people, remember to tell those without 'special roles' to join in with the general drift of the scenario at the appropriate time, acting belligerently, fearful, brave or insulting as required.

Normal melee

Many of these scripts state that things will then proceed to a normal melee. By this is meant the normal mass combat between two sides, whether it is three shield clashes with no casualties being taken until the third, or an immediate swirl of arms to kill as many as possible as quickly as possible is up to you. If not mentioned earlier in the script then a Battle of Champions may be fought to stretch the script out.

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